"I love all precious stones, each for different characteristics, but none as much as the diamond.” - Roberto Coin

The diamond is considered the ultimate in precious stones, a symbol of emotion, brilliance and beauty as well as of worth. A special gift of nature, singular in lure and rarity. In the stories told in films, in classic literature and in the diary of every woman, diamonds symbolize the promise of an extraordinary love, unfettered by time. In Roberto Coin’s tireless quest for something new, he started with this concept to create an unprecedented diamond – perfect, revolutionary in shape and eternal in spirit. After years of research and collaboration with the most distinguished experts in the field, the Cento diamond, with its innovative cut, was created. It was the first diamond with 100 facets rather that the traditional 57 and the first diamond to offer the world such brilliance with a kaleidoscopic refractive trajectory – deeper and more hypnotic than ever before. For the Cento Collection, Roberto Coin selects only the most beautiful diamonds of the highest quality that are inspected one by one using, not only standard parameters, but also a personal, perceiving eye that can recognize the one stone in a thousand that is destined to become an absolute masterpiece of nature and love.

The 4C'S of Cento

Roberto Coin guarantees that the 100 facet cut is applied to every diamond over 0.07 carats used in the creations in the Cento Collection.

Colour in diamonds actually refers to the absence of colour. The less colour a diamond has, the more it is appreciated. The D,E, F categories, considered colourless, and the G, H, I, some of the purest, are the only ones accepted in the particular Cento selection.

The clarity of a diamond is determined by its internal and external limpidity. Only the purest become part of the special Cento selection.

In a quest for perfection, Roberto Coin reinvented the cut of the diamond by dividing it into 9 sections before cutting the 100 facets that take the place of the traditional 57-58. Cut exclusively by hand by the most skillful artisans, the Cento diamond captures and reflects a kaleidoscopic light – hypnotic and unprecedented.

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