Roberto Coin is proposing a fresh presentation  and celebration of the journey that began in 2015 with the campaign starring Arizona Muse.  The Cento, Symphony, Rock & Diamonds and Princess Flowers collections are at the center of this still life campaign and are clearly the new protagonists. A dreamy Mediterranean garden, immersed in the warmth of the day’s light, is the exceptional setting of this campaign.  It reconfirms the previous campaign’s allure and is characterized by an atmosphere and aesthetics which are both spontaneous and refined, far from affectations. In this latest stage of communications signed Roberto Coin, the jewelry appears amidst the shadows of leaves and flowers illuminated by the sun;  photographed at various moments during the day.  The light in each shot changes, almost as though adjusting to the jewelry it illuminates.  The clear, transparent  light, like the light of dawn,  used for the  Cento by Roberto Coin collection, evokes the purity of the famous cento facce diamonds while the warm light of sunset dedicated to the Rock & Diamonds collection campaign, designed for the soft atmosphere of the Italian aperitif, almost seems to suggest the hour in which they were meant to be worn. All of the jewelry of the new campaign is presented with extreme spontaneity, demonstrating how Roberto Coin sees the strong bond that femininity has with nature and essence, revealing a timeless elegance that is almost magical, like the garden surrounding the jewelry.  The ambitious, liberal attitude in setting the jewelry in the sunlight rather than in traditional closed boxes, expresses the separation from stereotypes that has always characterized the Italian brand and its creations.  With this campaign, photographer Iris Velghe and stylist Vanessa Giudici  have confirmed that as a team,  they are as harmonious as they are extraordinary – something they had already demonstrated in many  projects in the past for other international brands such as Hermes, Dior and Chanel. For his part, Roberto Coin has reconfirmed his love of nature as an inspiration for excellence.  With this campaign he successfully transformed an entire photographic studio into an enchanted place where aromatic plants, flowers and branches took the place of clothing and accessories, filling the atmosphere with fragrances and vital energy.