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  • 1977

    Roberto Coin establishes
    the company that will bear his name.

  • 1995

    Roberto Coin opens Roberto Coin Inc.,
    on Fifth Avenue in New York.

  • 1996

    The brand is launched and for the first time Roberto Coin signs his new collections with a ruby.
    This is the beginning of the exclusive signature that will become famous worldwide.

  • 1998

    Roberto Coin opens La Quinta Stagione, the Italian factory that unites the best Italian artisans and the newest technology.
  • 2000

    Roberto Coin joins the Board of Directors
    of the World Diamond Council.

  • 2003

    Roberto Coin launches the patented
    “Cento” diamond, the exclusive diamond
    cut with 100 facets that enchants the world.

  • 2006

    Best in gold, US - Roberto Coin is awarded as a symbol of the Italian style in the world.

    Excellence in Marketing, New York - Roberto Coin is awarded the “Gem Award” from JIC that recognizes the excellent success of a person or a brand that enhances the visibility and status of high-end Jewelry.

    Roberto Coin is ambassador of the Italian style in the world: Meg Nolan, editor and writer in New York, commits Roberto Coin to write the preface of Italian Hideaways, a photo-book that pays homage to the Italian style in architecture and design.

  • 2008

    Elle America selects Roberto Coin as the author of the preface of Women in Hollywood, an anthology of divas’ portraits from the 30’s to today.

  • 2009

    The special classification “The Year’s 50 most visible brands” places the Roberto Coin brand as 9th among the 50 main Jewelry brands in the world.

    Cibjo 2009 Congress, Istanbul - Roberto Coin is awarded for his career and contribution to the success of the high jewellery in the world.

  • 2010

    After his strong commitment, Roberto Coin
    is called to the UN pavilion in Shanghai
    to speak about Responsible Luxury.

  • 2011

    “United Brands” publishes the top list of the best Jewelry brands in the world in which Roberto Coin ranks first in the “Fashion Design” category.
  • 2013

    International Palladio Awards. Roberto Coin is awarded as the best brand in corporate social responsibility.
  • 2014

    International Palladio Awards. The Pois Moi Collection by Roberto Coin is awarded as the best Italian Jewellery collection in the world.
  • 2015

    In 2015 today the Roberto Coin SpA
    counts over 1000 points of sale worldwide.