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Pois moi collection

Pois Moi has always been considered one of Roberto Coin’s most incisive collections. In 2014 it was recognized as Best Italian Jewelry Collection in the world and today, is a brand icon and frequently plays a leading role on the pages of fashion and lifestyle magazines.

 In the original version, the most conceptual, gold in its three colors is the supreme element of the collection. The high fashion second edition has a pave of diamonds that wraps each piece in divine opulence. The polka dot pattern is ultra-modern with a hint of vintage, inspired by the “television-shape” trend of the 1950’s.

Each Pois Moi piece celebrates the perfect blend of craftsmanship and technology, of contemporary fashion and vintage style. Not just jewelry but a veritable new mood to wear, genius and revolutionary.

Princess collection

Walt Disney said that “fantasy can't become dated, for the simple reason that it represents a flight into a dimension that lies beyond the reach of time” and the fantasy of becoming a princess has been a great classic for many generations.

So it was that Roberto Coin had no choice but to use the name Princess for the collection he dedicated to hardcore romantics in a modern world. Constructed like a fairytale in chapters of gold and framed with a weave of sparkling magic threads.

Each piece in the collection is as unique as the muse that inspired it. Polished gold and brushed gold alternate between romantic floral patterns and bolder looks and, following an antique noble tradition, hide a precious woven thread.

Primavera collection

Simplicity is the secret to eternity. This simple rule can often be applied to the world of jewelry and the Primavera collection fully interprets the meaning with its exquisitely linear silhouette – a pleasure to wear on its own or as a refined accompaniment to bolder creations.

The collection was conceived as a brilliant new beginning, an intuition that led to the experimentation of new instruments and techniques that in turn led to these pieces made of a weave of infinite gold threads.

All of the jewelry in the Primavera collection is comfortable, ultra-resistant and wearable on any occasion for a timeless season of elegance.

New Barocco collection

The New Barocco collection is the modern reinterpretation of the Barocco line, historically one of the company’s greatest successes. Roberto Coin’s focus in this new array of creations is on the re-elaboration of the twisted thread technique that here, he takes to a new level of genius.

Each New Barocco piece is entirely outlined in twisted gold thread, woven and shaped to create new artistic solutions. Sometimes gold is the absolute star of the show and sometimes white diamonds join the gold in a brilliant game of light and shadows.

The world of design and fashion are charmed by the New Barocco collection – jewelry that combines excellent craftsmanship and technology with a contemporary style that’s conquered even the most demanding fashionistas.

Gourmette collection

The Gourmette collection is Roberto Coin’s declaration of love for traditional Italian craftsmanship. Simplicity is often a synonym for excellence and eternity, both of which are characteristic of this collection.

The roots of Gourmette’s design are in the past but the collection continues to be a symbol of independent, nonconventional elegance. A jewel that a woman buys for herself, it was conceived as something to be worn more as a piece of clothing rather than purely an ornament.

Roberto Coin has re-interpreted this timeless silhouette using a revolutionary process which hollows out each jewel, making it lighter and easier to wear. The typical industrial esthetic of the Gourmette weave can indulge in a detour toward romantic elegance.

Garden collection

In the language of fine jewelry, Roberto Coin transmits all of the dreamlike charm of a secret garden in the Garden collection – a feast of nature, romanticism and fable.

Diamonds, sapphires and rubies are combine with other, more unusual gems in a colorful bouquet. Mixed in a variety of architectural cuts, the stones together with the original designs of the gold are a true celebration.

Every piece in the Garden collection draws the imagination into enchanted worlds with unexpected and extraordinary details. Animals hide among the precious stones, filling the jewels with bucolic charisma.

Cocktail collection

When a ring becomes an attitude. The inspiration for the Cocktail collection is the casual elegance worn during the more lighthearted and relaxing moments of daily life. It evokes the light of a summer sunset and the cozy atmosphere of a warm café on a cold winter afternoon.

The classic maxi ring has become the little black dress of jewelry and Roberto Coin has re-created it in bold sizes. With its look that’s both vintage and highly contemporary, it’s always a joy to wear.

The stones are the stars of the Cocktail collection and Roberto Coin has had fun mixing them in innovative combinations. Over the years, with doublets and triplets made of different stones, he’s created a veritable palette that’s both revolutionary and precious.

Carnaby Street collection

Carnaby Street, the heart of the Swinging London scene, is the inspiration for this collection. In the 60’s and 70’s this movement led to the polarization of styles in various artistic contexts, both in the UK and abroad.

The characteristic design of each piece in the collection and the play on colors created by the combination of malachite, jade and mother of pearl evoke the extravagant trends that invaded London’s social scene in that era.

Dynamic and avant-garde but with a touch of aristocracy, the jewels in the Carnaby Street Collection convey all of the charismatic essence and audacity of an artistic movement that was able to influence the scene throughout the world.

Black Jade collection

Black Jade is a collection that knows no limits. Women of every age and of every origin have fallen in love with its clever combination of traditional craftsmanship and avant-garde style.

The design of each piece in the Black Jade collection conveys a hint of vintage in its look - a kind of spiritual reminder of the femininity of the past that never loses its intensity. On the other hand, the innovative cut and the density of the colors of the black jade, the green agate and the mother of pearl make the pieces conceptually modern.

The search for new harmonies has led to a combination of linear forms and a revolution of colors that enhance one another – truly a new code of elegance that Roberto Coin’s atelier has the pleasure of presenting to the world under the name of Black Jade.

Venetian Princess...

The story of the Venetian Princess collection is a majestic fairytale, passed down through the narrow alleyways of Venice, illuminated only by the reflection of lanterns on the water. All of the pieces in the collection keep the secret of this story.

A multitude of gold threads decorate the inside of these jewels. They’re woven one by one with the patience and dedication of an old soul who protects a precious secret while allowing the grandeur of the diamonds that decorate the surface to dominate in plain sight.

With their bold and brazen beauty, the black and white diamonds catch your eye, captivating and charming. The pattern reinterprets the decorations of ancient Venetian buildings and only those who possess a Venetian Princess jewel are privy to its secret.

Symphony collection

Use your eyes to listen to the five different notes that compose this precious melody. Each Symphony jewel reproduces the style of one of Roberto Coin’s most iconic collections for total of 5 different designs in one jewelry collection.

The collection ranges from the modern look of Pois Moi to the technical majesty of New Barocco, through the hidden workmanship of Golden Gate to the brilliance of the diamonds that characterize the two Princess collections.

Five bracelets, 5 rings, 5 pairs of earrings and 5 pendants to wear together or one at a time and in whatever combination suits your style.

Roman Barocco collection

The Roman Barocco collection stems from the classic technique of Roberto Coin’s Barocco line – inspired by the beauty of the Italian city that the emperor Adrian consecrated as the Eternal City, cradle of all western culture.

The pieces of Roman Barocco collection are inspired by the architecture of Roman buildings. The proportion of the shapes and the artful light show are both interpreted by Roberto Coin with the interwoven outlines of the design and the purity of diamonds’ light, which softens the dramatic effect typical of the period.

Easy to wear and harmonic in shape, the Roman Barocco jewels reveal all the intensity and majesty of works of art, while the interwoven gold threads technique is once again the fil rouge of the vast Barocco family signed by Roberto Coin.

Princess Flower...

Roberto Coin’s creative universe wouldn’t be complete without a collection dedicated to the quintessential symbol of giving and beauty - the flower. The flower jewel is part of the great creative bouquet - the Princess collection.

The twisted wire technique typical of the Princess collection is used to make these pieces. Some surfaces are smooth and some are rough as if to evoke the various characteristics of the fragrances. The iconic shape of the petals of the Princess Flower, the same in every creation, are narrated through an infinite variety of hues.

The necklaces and bracelets have a sequence of flowers of varying sizes suggestive of a real flower garden while the rings and pendants have a single flower, the absolute star of style and sentiment - a marvel of majesty and grace that sprouts from precious seeds - diamonds.

Animalier collection

The Animalier collection is an open chapter in the creative universe of Roberto Coin. Every year it grows in size and luxuriance. It’s a long, twisted and inspiring creative path that every piece in the collection travels down to become, in the end, a finished creature, complete in every detail and above all – unique.

The anatomical details are carefully studied so that the jewels in the Animalier collection become magnificent symbols of nature’s perfection. Little artistic sculptures, masterfully created by the hands of Italian craftsman.

Over the years, imaginary creatures have joined the animals of the real world in the collection . Animals inspired by oriental legends or by children’s fables have made the collection a veritable animal kingdom wrapped in a magical charm with lots of stories to tell.

Masterpieces collection

The Unique and Limited Edition collections are the absolute expression of Roberto Coin’s esthetic sensitivity. Each of the creations is considered the essence of exclusivity, not only for the limited number of pieces available but also for the characteristics it represents.

Jewels that are works of art, this collection celebrates the maximum excellence of Italian craftsmanship - born out of emotions, depicted in genius designs and brought into being by masterful hands. Every element in these pieces is pervaded by a sense of almost spiritual purpose – the search for perfect beauty.

For each limited edition jewel, only the rarest and purest of stones are selected and mounted in a design especially conceived for its soulmate.

Classique Parisienne...

A collection comprised primarily of earrings, Classique Parisienne is the essence of esthetic minimalism and femininity - the modern refashioning of the classic hoop.

Each piece in the collection has its own unique design, inspired by the essential shapes of geometry; straight lines and voluptuous arches reinterpreted with the opulence of gold and embellished with the brilliance of diamonds.

Geometry has never been more sensual than it is in this collection where the less is more trend is manifest and the lack of virtuosity serves to make the jewels even more precious.

Petals collection

We grew up counting flower petals and repeating he loves me, he loves me not in what was a veritable ritual of love. Perpetuated by popular tradition with a hint of vintage, he loves me, he loves me not continues to represent a hope for love, which as we know, is a hope that never fades.

Once again, the flower is center stage, interpreted in a stylized design with an effect that is reminiscent of absolute purity. It’s no coincidence that the number of petals is three – the number that symbolizes perfection and essentiality.

Malachite, mother of pearl, diamonds, jade and vivid turquoise light up the crisp outlines with color. From the nude tones that evoke the colors of the earth in the versions with petals covered in pure gold to the versions with corollas in combinations of exuberant colors, the Petals collection adventures into the most exotic of ambiances.

Obelisco collection

Symbols of strength and solemnity, the obelisks of ancient Egypt so impressed the Imperial Romans that they decided to reproduce copies of them in Italy. Today, Rome boasts the largest number of obelisks in the world, each of them standing out majestically against the infinite sky.

Roberto Coin has chosen the shape of the obelisk as inspiration for the design of his new cult collection. The lines of each piece embody essentiality in perfect, magnetic symmetry and make precision the style’s captivating element.

Black jade, gold and diamonds are used in interchangeable roles to create variants with different looks while staying true to the decisive character of the collection that Roberto Coin has dedicated to the genuine empresses of style.

Portofino Collection

It’s the epitome of the Mediterranean village; the essence of elegance and the Italian Dolce Vita – the good life. It has been the set of unforgettable movies and the backdrop for Buscaglione’s songs. Portofino with its famous little square is the best-known open air drawing room in the world; where international jet setters gather every summer.

The vivid colors of the houses mix with the blue of the Mediterranean Sea and the fragrance of fresh basil. Nestled like a precious stone between the mountains and the sea, Portofino is the inspiration of Roberto Coin’s collection of the same name – a collection of jewels whose beauty tells the story of an enchanted world.

Landscapes that climb from water level up towards the sky become pure gold and the lights that magically illuminate every sunset turn into diamonds. But it’s the look of Portofino jewels that hold the most seductive secret – the fascination of the Italian Dolce Vita.

Princess Flower...

The inspirational muse for Roberto Coin’s Christmas capsule collection is a new princess: a woman whose elegance is untouched by the frenzy of the times, who follows her own rules as she moves throughout her day. Unconventional and full of magic, she’s constantly in pursuit of the most authentic essence of all that surrounds her.

The iconic Princess Flower collection melds together luxury and the ancestral simplicity of the flower. In every piece, a twisted gold wire surrounds the famous four-petal flower, the decorative element that is characteristic of Venetian palaces and is also one of the best-loved celebrities of Roberto Coin’s creations.  Gracefulness, resilience and beauty are the three ingredients of this collection that have been chosen to develop this year’s Christmas capsule.

For Christmas, the petals of each piece are covered in mother-of-pearl whose natural look makes it seem as though the petals are blanketed by a light dusting of snow.  Diamonds decorate the contour creating a game of twinkles and nuances, reminiscent of the festival of lights that announces the most wondrous moment of the year. Let the Christmas season begin!

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