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Cento Diamond

100 is the number that symbolizes perfection and completion; the virtues that Roberto Coin payed homage to with the diamond he launched in 2003 after years of research and experimentation with the best experts and craftsmen in the field. The name of the diamond is CENTO which in Italian means 100. For the first time in history, a diamond was cut with 100 facets instead of the typical 57. The light it radiated from within was like none that had ever been seen before. Only the diamonds whose color and purity make them the most precious and rare are chosen to become CENTO diamonds. Their infinite brilliance must show the world all of the magic and perfection of nature

Cento Diamond

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Throughout the world, the diamond is considered the king of precious stones. It is an icon of indisputable value whose beauty and rareness make it nature's most fascinating gift. Literary and cinema classics describe diamonds as the quintessential symbol of eternal love and the promise of an everlasting bond.
Roberto Coin chooses the diamonds for his Bridal collection one by one. They are then cut with the brand's exclusive 100 facet cut. In addition to the typical parameters that measure color and purity, the human criterion of sensitivity that allows us to feel emotion is also applied.
The result is that each jewel in the Bridal collection becomes not just a masterpiece of nature but also a masterpiece of love.

Circle of Life

The circle of life is an emblem that represents the deepest meaning of life itself. It symbolizes the natural cycle of existence in which every creature is interconnected in a delicate, perpetuating balance.
This symbol is the inspiration for Roberto Coin's Circle of Life collection. The design of each piece is a simple circle made of a radiant sequence of CENTO diamonds that bestow pure preciousness upon an essential shape. These jeweled circles have no beginning and no end. Steadfast in both in design and value, they are heirlooms that embody the most precious of life's lessons for one generation to pass down to the next.


Fashion is not always subject to the passing of time; some styles never go out of fashion. These are invaluable styles full of character that find new expressions to convey an eternal, unchanging sense of elegance.
The Trend collection uses CENTO diamonds in a fresh, playful dimension where design lends itself to the discovery of shapes that are new and unusual for the classical world of diamonds. Roberto Coin takes levity very seriously. In fact he has dedicated an entire collection of jewelry with CENTO diamonds to it - both non-conventional and extraordinarily precious.

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