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Roberto Coin - Cento Diamond

Cento Diamond

Circle of life

A jeweled circle that embodies life’s most precious lesson to pass down from one generation to the next.


Emotions and esthetics join forces in a jewel that symbolizes the promise of eternal love.


Levity is a serious matter in this collection that introduces the most precious of diamonds to a non-conventional design.


100 is the number that symbolizes perfection and completion; the virtues that Roberto Coin payed homage to with the diamond he launched in 2003 after years of research and experimentation with the best experts and craftsmen in the field. The name of the diamond is CENTO which in Italian means 100. For the first time in history, a diamond was cut with 100 facets instead of the typical 57. The light it radiated from within was like none that had ever been seen before. Only the diamonds whose color and purity make them the most precious and rare are chosen to become CENTO diamonds. Their infinite brilliance must show the world all of the magic and perfection of nature

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